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Dean began his journey of Ukrainian dance in rural Manitoba with the Oakburn Teren and

Russell Yachminka dancers.  He studied classical and character ballet at the Wade Dance

Centre.  Dean began instructing when he created the Vinok Ukrainian Dance Group in his

hometown of Rossburn in 2001. 

Having moved to Alberta in 2005, Dean is an alumnus of both, the Lethbridge Troyanda

Ukrainian Dancers and Calgary’s Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.  Dean joined Tryzub

2006 and continues to be actively involved in this dance organization.

In addition to teaching Ukrainian dance workshops across western Cananda, Dean has

also done musical theatre choreography with the Front Row Centre Players, for their

productions of Fiddler on the Roof & Chess, earning him a Calgary Theatre choreography

award in 2009.

Dean’s performances include: dancing with Canada’s National Riding & Dancing Cossacks

of Dauphin for Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival in 2004, touring in New York and

Las Vegas with the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in 2008, and participating in

Razom: A Fusion of Ukrainian Dance in 2009 alongside 100 other performers from

Ukrainian dance groups of Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

Dean has instructed with the Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance since 2007 and, since 2010,

has been serving as their current School Director, guiding and planning the future

direction of Tryuzb School. 

Dean is also a Resident Artist of the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts in Calgary and

provides Ukrainian cultural workshops to people of all ages wanting to discover a love for

Ukrainian dance.

Since 2009, Dean has been the Artistic Director for the Ensemble of the Lethbridge

Troyanda Ukrainian Dancers.  While expanding the horizons of the Ensemble, Dean’s

leadership has resulted in joint collaborations with the University of Lethbridge Fine

Arts Department, the Calgary Ukrainian Festival, and most recently, the Lethbridge

Symphony Orchestra & Vox Musicia in 2013 where seven new choreographic creations

were premiered. Dean’s dynamic style of choreography combines traditional Ukrainian

steps with influences from other dance forms creating a contemporary fusion that

focuses on energy & passion from his dancers.





Anastasia began dancing with Mary Falconer’s Ballet program in 1992.  Anastasia’s love of

music and dance have continued throughout the many ballet performances presented by

the University of Lethbridge Dance Program, culminating in the role of the Sugar Plum

Fairy in Tchaikowsky’s Nutcracker in 2008.

In 2005 & 2008 Anastasia attended the International Summer School of Ukrainian Dance at

Kyiv’s National Institute of Culture & Fine Arts to train and study alongside the Virsky

National Folk Dance Company of Ukraine. 

Also in 2008, Anastasia attended the summer dance program offered by Alberta Ballet in


Being one of the founding members of the Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Club of Lethbridge

in 1994, Anastasia began instructing in Troyanda in 2002.  Since this time, she has served

initially as an assistant instructor before becoming Troyanda’s lead instructor in 2009.

Anastasia continues to pass on her love and knowledge of Ukrainian dance to her

students, in addition to performing as a member of the Troyanda Ensemble with

highlights including Globalfest, the Calgary Ukrainian Festival, and Troyanda’s

collaboration with the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra in May 2013.

Dance is a passion for Anastasia and she fills her leisure time with ballet, jazz, and

Ukrainian dance.  In addition to having completed a degree in Political Sciences, Anastasia

is currently continuing her education with a degree in Women & Gender Studies at the

University of Lethbridge.  She continues to take ballet classes and is a member of the

University of Lethbridge Dance Team, attending competitions in Calgary and Edmonton

this past year. Anastasia enjoys each group of dancers she is able to teach and train.

She is grateful to the Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Club for giving her the opportunity to

instruct and thanks the dancers and parents for their continued commitment and support.                                                                           



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